Over the years, we’ve met some amazing S’well fans. Their stories have made us cry with joy, laugh out loud and go “oh my.” They’ve inspired us to show up every day and make us proud to be S’wellys. We invite you to read their stories and share your own with us at adventures@swellbottle.com.


Name: Kathleen, Guyan, Carter and Mia Randall
Location: Plano, Texas
S'well Owner: 2010

Guyan has known Sarah since HBS, and placed the FIRST “friends and family” online order. She sent an email to Guyan, he clicked the link and ordered it. Ever since, some type of S’well is literally with us at ALL times -- in everyday life, on every adventure, every city we live in (or visit) around the world. S'well has been a part of our lives since we dated, and continues to be a part of our family as it evolves.

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Name: Meagan Moore
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
S'well Owner: 2014

In March of 2015, my car caught fire while I was driving and I jumped out with just myself and my purse. After the fire department got the fire out, I noticed my swell bottle still in the cup holder. I picked it up and noticed flame burns on it. When I picked it up, I heard ice. I was like there is absolutely NO way. I opened it and there was still ice and the water was freezing. I was hooked for life!!!

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Name: Isabella
Location: New York
S'well Owner: 2018

I hope my design inspires others to protect the earth and become earth unicorn protectors...I plan to sustain positive change for the environment by using my S'well bottle and educating others.

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Name: Michael Murphy
Location: Brick, New Jersey
S'well Owner: 2015

One day, I was working, driving my sweeper as usual, when I noticed it was smoking. I parked it a safe distance from the homes in the neighborhood and got away to a point where I could call for help. It quickly caught on fire and was engulfed in flames. Within minutes, this very expensive piece of road equipment was unrecognizable. When the fire was put out, the only thing I did recognize was my S’well bottle, still sitting in the cup holder. The top had come off, but we joked that the water inside was probably still cold! S’well has become a reliable product that my entire family uses consistently. When we traveled to Disney World last summer, in the blistering August heat, we carried our bottles so that the water we purchased would stay cold longer. They were a lifesaver!

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Name: Eli Nigri
Location: Washington, DC
S'well Owner: 2020

I bought a bunch of water bottles to test out for my science fair project. It tested which water bottle kept water coldest the longest. S’well was the winner! I thought it would be in fourth place because the bottle looks so pretty, like wood, so I was surprised that it won. I learned that plastic bottles do not keep water cold for very long. S’well is an insulated reusable bottle that keeps water really cold. Plus, it creates less waste! Now, I always have cold water during swim practice.

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Name: Cami Vidal
Location: London, England
S'well Owner: 2019

My favorite S’well moment was our collaboration at London Cocktail Week for the launch of the Barware line. It was so amazing to be able to teach a group of healthy hedonists how to make Mindful Cocktails so they can do it for themselves and friends at home.

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Name: Tyler Thomas
Location: Columbus, Ohio
S'well Owner: 2015

I was hit crossing a crosswalk on campus and my S’well absorbed a ton of the impact, but it did not break! I have probably told hundreds of people my story about getting hit by a car on campus and my water bottle having a dent but not breaking. This truly speaks to S’well’s quality. I am very rough with my water bottles, from dropping them, tossing them in my backseat, to getting hit by a car, and S’well will be the only brand I continue to trust moving forward to keep up with my rough, active lifestyle!

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Name: Jamie Greenberg
Location: Los Angeles, California
S'well Owner: 2010

My client (Kaley Cuoco) and I went to the talk show Ellen and did the show. The whole process was about four hours. While we were in the show our cars baked in the Valley heat. It must’ve hit 100 degrees that day. We got back into our cars to drive home. On the way, I took a sip from my hot Swell bottle and was so shocked that my drink was still cold. I called Kaley and she answered her phone and was like ‘Dude, my Swell is still cold.’ We couldn’t believe it. And we’ve just loved it so much ever since.


Name: Carey S.
Location: Michigan
S'well Owner: 2017

I was kayaking in spring of 2019 in a local river and flipped the boat which caused all my personal items to fall out into the water, including my S’well bottle. I grabbed as many items as I could recover but the S’well bottle was gone. I was bummed, I loved that bottle. It kept my water cold for hours. SO imagine my surprise when I was out kayaking spring 2020 with my husband. He said something in the water was floating towards me and I should grab it (I always grab any trash out of the river). When I pulled the trash out of the water, I was so shocked to see it was my lost S’well water bottle!! What are the odds?? After a year of being in the river, stuck somewhere, my bottle returned to me. It was beat up and faded with water still inside -- clean as the day I lost it. The story this bottle would tell if it could!! I am still using my S’well bottle today. It may look rough, but it still keeps my drinks cold (or hot) for hours.