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Help your S’ip by S’well products last for years with our S’ip by S’well Brush — the perfect accessory to make cleaning your favorite bottle a lot easier. With its strong bristles and bright blue handle, all you’ll need is a quick rinse and scrub with soapy water to be good to go. Its removable head can easily be pulled off from the top of the handle, making it easy to replace when needed. Best of all, this water bottle scrubber doesn’t just work on our stainless steel bottles, it can help you clean a number of different containers as well. 

Whether you’re sipping hot tea or ice-cold water, we make it easy to keep your bottle clean and smelling fresh with our S’ip by S’well Brush. 

How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle 

To start, fill your stainless steel water bottles with hot, soapy water. From there, use your water bottle cleaning brush to get in all the nooks and crannies of your bottle. When washing, don’t forget to scrub your caps and lids with warm soapy water!

If you are switching between coffee, tea and other beverages, be sure to wash your reusable water bottle in between drinks to avoid residue build-up or funky odors. With the right scrub brush, you’ll be able to keep your stainless steel water bottles and lids in excellent condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does my S’well work?
S'well bottles, Travelers, and Roamers will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. Thanks to our triple-walled ThermaS'well™ insulation technology, which includes a copper layer, S'well products are able to keep any liquid hot or cold for long stretches of time. See more.
Will my S’well product sweat?
No way! Thanks to S’well’s triple-walled insulation, which includes a copper layer, the outside of your S’well will stay completely condensation-free. See more.
Can I fly with my S'well?
Prepare for take off! Your S’well is airport security friendly, as long as you remember to empty out what’s inside first. See more.
Does S'well sell different caps & lids?
Designed to accommodate your active and on-the-go lifestyle, S’well has released a variety of accessories sold separately. See more.
What is the warranty on S’well products?
S’well offers a one-year limited warranty on all bottles purchased from and authorized retailers with proof of purchase. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects, such as thermal performance issues, base becoming detached from the bottle and non-polished surfaces. See more.
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